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"Well done - what a great night" John P

"My party of guests (from as far away as Lewes, Bath and Cumbria) thoroughly enjoyed themselves, with not a duff beer from all that we tried. Like the event itself, I thought the printed programme too clearly had had a huge amount of work put into it and was very impressive. Food was good too, we thought." Graham N.

"Amazing band, amazing night, first time I've been, will deffo be back"  Emma B

"Fabulous evening, many thanks to all involved....the band were (as usual) fantastic....the music fits the atmosphere so so well, brilliant. And as for the beer, spoilt for choice tonight....." Graham J

"I always enjoyed going to Beerex and then I switched to serving behind the bar and enjoyed it even more"  Phil W

"Who wouldn't like an event that has run for 44 years, and that 5000+ people enjoy every year and that raises huge ££ each year for people in need in our community...." James R

"All hail to the ale, what a great event and its so much better knowing I am drinking for charity :-)" Keith H

"Beerex is a great local festival with a huge atmosphere and the contribution to local good causes is amazing" From Peter M.

"I thoroughly enjoy the bands" Ian from Farnham

'Thanks for the wonderful display of the glasses and programmes from every year of the 40 years - brought back so many great memories this year" Jonathan K.

"After 40+ years, the heart of Farnham Beerex was beating more soundly tonight than for many years." Mike A

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All profits are for the benefit of local charities
Some quotes are below - thanks to all those that take the trouble to let us have them to share with all.