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Frequently asked questions

I am new to BEEREX. What can I expect?

It's a great occasion to attend with family, friends and colleagues the only proviso being entry is only available to those aged 18 or over.

The Farnham BEEREX, first established in 1977, is one of the longest running Beer Festivals and the longest to be held at the same venue, at the atmospheric Farnham Maltings, which was previously a brewery. Many who attend have done so for many years, some for every year and others only recently or for the first time.

After entering you will be provided with a complimentary polycarbonate glass and you will be able to download a digital flip book programme (there will be a limited supply of hard copies) which will detail all of the beers and ciders available. They can be purchased using tokens which can be purchased online or on the day to purchase either a pint or half pint or a 1/3rd pint.

If you like the buzz of a busy festival then Friday evening or one the Saturday sessions would probably suit you best but don't delay as there are only a few tickets left for Saturday night and the other two sessions are sold out.

We lower the capacity on Thursday evening and Friday afternoon to afford a more leisurely pace for those that prefer it. Seating and quieter spaces are available at all sessions upstairs away from the bars where jugs are available as well to avoid too many trips to the bar.

At the request of some who would like a quiet session, this year we will offer Friday afternoon Band free and offer seating in the Main Hall and Courtyard (weather permitting) as well as some special beers and tasting opportunities

Contactless or with cash are acceptable although contactless is preferred.

A great range of food will be available for purchase from the Maltings catering team.

Live music will be played at each session except Friday lunchtime.

Why aren't wines and spirits available at Beerex?

All of our tickets are sold on the basis of 'Beerex' being a Beer & Cider festival. The tickets for most sessions are usually sold out.

Our objective as the organisers of Beerex is to offer as wide a range of beers and ciders as possible throughout all five sessions over the three days whilst also minimising waste. 

2023 we increased the number of beers with the introduction of our craft bar including alcohol free beers, lagers and canned alternatives and fully utilised all the space available to us to do so, but even this meant that some beers were almost unavailable at the last session, and certainly sold out by 10pm. It's important to understand that if even 10% of the customers wished to drink other alcohol rather than cider and beer, we would have to significantly lower the choice of beers available which would be contrary to our objectives and the wishes of the vast majority of attendees.

Our agreement exempts the sale of any alcohol from other areas as doing so would add unwanted complexity and congestion in those areas.

What if Covid returns?

If the Government advice was not to proceed with events, then we would of course comply with that. In the event that it was a reduced capacity event then we would provide a 'safe environment' not only in accordance with the Government public health guidelines and advice, CAMRA guidelines and the Farnham Maltings health and safety requirements but also those of the Farnham BEEREX organising committee.

Is it more than just Beer?

There will be a diverse range of around 60 Real Ales, Craft Beers, Ciders and Perries carefully selected by Beer Committee including members of the Surrey/Hants Borders CAMRA branch. Also some quality pilsner style lagers and for the drivers amongst you some low alcohol beers in cans.

You can get a flavour of the 2024 BEEREX by downloading the 2023 beer and cider list from our website.

How can I buy tickets for BEEREX?

You can purchase by using most credit cards on PayPal. You do not need a PayPal account just look for, and select, the button on PayPal to purchase without setting up an account.

Within seconds of you placing your order you will receive an email confirmation containing a pdf attachment with your tickets each ticket has a unique QR code. Each ticket that you have purchased is specific to an individual session. If you're purchasing tickets for somebody who will not be with you when you attend then you need to send them that ticket. If you have not received the confirmation and QR codes within a few minutes then please check your spam and junk folders and if still not found then please email your contact details including phone number to and we can resend them to you. On arrival at Beerex please show the individual QR codes on your mobile or as a paper copy. Please note admission will not be possible without your ticket or if that unique code has already been used.

What will be the ticket price?

Please see the ticket booking form.

What if I no longer want to attend, or have spare tickets? 

All tickets are sold on a non-refundable basis. Reselling privately is of course your choice. You may like to post availability on the BEEREX Facebook page to connect with potential buyers.

Can I purchase more tickets?

Yes, subject to availability.

Can I bring my own food?

No. Food is the responsibility of the Maltings. The security team are instructed not to allow attendees bring in in their own food unless their is a specific medical need for doing so.

Can I bring my own glass?

No, The Farnham Maltings 'No Glass'* policy forbids this. 

You are welcome to bring your own pint or 1 pint tankard as long as it is not made from glass or china.

Please be aware that the following will also not be allowed and if found at security they will be placed in a locked amnesty bin and cannot be returned to you, so please if you don't want to lose it, don't bring it:

Please note the following will also be confiscated.

Knives, Corkscrews,

Bottles or Glass in any form,

Food unless to cater for a specific allergy. 


Drugs of any form unless prescription.

The Farnham Maltings 'No Glass' policy along with the current total lack of availability of any glass tankard supply and our own desire to reduce waste led the Beerex Committee to review alternative options to glass that are already commonplace at beer festivals and other outdoor events.

The benefits of Polycarbonate Glasses are that they are safe to use, less expensive to produce, are readily available from UK manufacturers thus incurring less air miles and less transportation weight and when recycled, polycarbonate melts to a liquid form which can be shaped into a new object. Polycarbonate Glasses comply with the environmental maxim of Reduce Reuse  Recycle.

Can I bring a dog to Beerex?

Only Guide and Assistance dogs are permitted entry.

If you have questions that have not been answered by this document, then please email your question to:


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