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Farnham Beerex 2024

Thank you for your interest in helping at Farnham Beerex 2024. Last year we needed 210 volunteers to help run the event so your participation is very welcome.

Please complete this form to let us know when you are available to help

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Bar staff

Serving on the bars - please indicate which bars you would prefer to work on. If you have volunteered for multiple sessions we will do our best to accommodate your preferences.


Non serving - please indicate which support roles you would prefer

Event sessions

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Non sessions

We would also appreciate any assistance you can provide outside the open session times. Please indicate below if you are willing and able to help with any of the many other jobs.

Setup and cleardown

If you are able to assist with these additional jobs, please select your preferred session or sessions


Please include any additional information/requests below

Once you have submitted the form you will receive an email confirming your availability